“Let’s Get Started Again” by Live My Last


They sound like a real blast from the past. They rock like they breathe their last.

Four-piece edgy alt-rock band “Live My Last” is a burst of energy on stage with their cathartically propulsive sets that can bust into the foray of post-hardcore.

Originating in Ohio, this tellingly titled band has produced an EP called “Convictions”, an 8-track collection crammed with sore-thumb, hard-rocking tunes with catchy anthemic hooks that harken back to the 80’s punk rock group Saccharine Trust or take pages from the playbooks of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus to say the idiom of the young.

Their carrier single, “Let’s Get Started Again”, is a breathlessly intense fusion of fuzz-grind guitars (Brandon Friedel and Brock Richards), hard-pumping drums (Mark Fox) and the frenzy-shriek vocals from their frontman, Justin Wilson who sounds a lot better on a live performance.

“Let’s Get Started” creates a woozy ambiance like you’ve just had a few too many from last night’s part of the year.

Killer lines:

Wake up, rub the eyes
It’s another new day and it’s no surprise
I lost my phone, my keys, my car
I left my wallet at the bar
Tie shoes, swig some booze
Another new day
Got nothing to lose
I can’t remember her name
I think the shots are to blame
If it’s only gonna be for tonight
Let’s set this party right

Bang your head. Let’s go. (InfectedEardrum)

Another track from LML:


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