“Good Thing” by Jake Miller


After raising the stakes in his kickoff single “Overnight” from his upcoming 7-track EP of the same title, he retreads one step backward in his radio-friendly sophomore offering, “Good Thing” and leans forward to an impeccable big studio-assembled soundscape that sets his momentum for a creative expanse.

Any avid fan knows that that there’s more to this twentysomething stunner than meets the eye. And it takes more than a slew of samey-sounding RNB-tinged pop fest to bring out the best in him. Unfortunately, his second single simply takes up where he left off under-utilizing his talent and personality which are best when captured in the raw (Rumors, Dazed and Confused, Like Me).

But “Good Thing” is a not a bad thing at all. It’s a pretty midtempo gait fashioned into commercial pop juggernaut with sing-along choruses that toe the line of mainstream sound. Here, he attempts to draw the sand between the old Jake and the new one eschewing immediacy and lickety-split raps for more deliberate sonics and songwriting. Listen up and listen good.

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