“Warning Signs” by My Silent Bravery

msb-promo-photoHad you been paying attention lately, Matthew Wade aka My Silent Bravery has rolled out the official music video of his latest single “Warning Signs” from his fifth full-length, “Breakthrough”, out September 28.

Listening to a breakup song is not easy, let alone watching it unfold. But MSB makes it interesting by delivering the sad, strange, and silly introspective side of a relationship in a 3-minute mark with striking style and substance since he last touched a nerve in “Burnt Out” from his 2011 “Can’t Quit” album. In “Warning Signs”, the Boston-based singer-songwriter laces his lyrics that feel forlorn with emotionally charged couplets atop guitar-driven soft rock. And in the wake of lost love, only a poor craftsman blames his tools:

“Should have seen it coming, opened up my eyes
Should have paid attention to the warning signs”

MSB is poised to continue his creative expanse and forward momentum to favor a trend-driven genre since the release of his lightweight pop fare “Drunk Off the Sun” early this year. With the lineup of hired gun hitmaking producers Mike Mangini, Peter Zizzo, and Anthony Resta all have a hand in the album proceedings, all signs point to success already.


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