“Turn Me On” by Sean Smith

sean-smith-press-kit-2-dragged-2-1-e1473145946779Maybe you remember him as 1/2 of the Same Difference brother-sister duo from The X-Factor, well forget it. Sean Smith has moved past his wholesome image and now bulking up his proceedings with trifecta of palpable pop playfulness, sexy swagger, and even 50 shades of lines in his tellingly titled solo outing, “Turn Me On”.

Sean now sports a testosterone-rich mature image raising the stakes of his debut single with seductive undertone that does not necessarily reinvent the wheel but just hits the right throttle to pump up the sex-saturated pop sound of the now. But the Portsmouth stunner toes the line with sexiness required by law infusing the familiar template of dance-pop dynamics that are in spades since his feet-tapping stints in X-Factor.

“Turn Me On” melds catchy club beat, trendhopping dance moves and double entendres (“You get my heart drumming/coz I know you’re comin’ to turn me on) that cleverly match the steamy and hedonistic landscape of the music video poised to raise your eyebrow if not your expectation.


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