“Heartbeat” by Christopher

b19ad0839b79b35772b05924e63939afThis stunning Danish singer-songwriter who goes by one name has moved past constructing pop ditties around words ey and oh as he digs deeper into his third album, “Closer”. Christopher doubles down on excesses and sharpens the edges of its slate of songs that range from pop to R&B fare cementing his place in the international music scene as the next big thing.

His lead single, “Tulips”, teases with sophomoric double entendres soaked in his swooping falsetto and is kicking up a notch for a sexy swagger and stylish trend-hopping dance track that has always been his stock in trade while swapping playbooks with American R&B singer Brandon Beal.

But Christopher proves his mettle to mellow down in his latest construct, “Heartbeat”, which he co-wrote especially for his fans. The sombre ballad channels his emotionally charged and confessional lyrics atop arpeggiated piano chords at the onset of the melancholic verses. (It’s like a song that no one hears/ I’m screaming out but you’re not here/ All I wanna do /All I wanna do is say I love you).

As he bemoans to the throbbing heartbeats, Christopher emerges from a buried croon and burst into a sweeping chorus that can either quicken your pulse or reduce you to tears. Haunting and moving.


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