“Bad Things” by Machine Gun Kelly feat. Camila Cabello

machine-gun-kelly-camila-cabello-2016-billboard-1548Camila Cabello’s solo footing outside Fifth Harmony should strike as no surprise anymore. Her cataclysmic vocal foil in break-up hit “I Know What You Did Last Summer” with Shawn Mendes in 2015 has proven not just her mettle as a bankable artist in her own rights but her adeptness to add sizzle to the steak.

Her own narrative as 1/5 of 5H just whets her fans’ appetite even more to see her succeed on solo or collab platforms now that pop-piped diva has cavorted with MGK to do “Bad Things” together. The joint single is their first collab with shifting beats and sample from Fastball’s 1998 hit “Out of My Head” being interpolated into the track.

The result is complicated as it is interesting with two artists coming from different genres trading and tossing dark and sexy shades of lines tailor-made for a feverishly intense carnal affair.

Cabello’s sexy choruses and couplets provided the provocative vibe (“No matter what you say/ Don’t matter what you do/ I only want to do bad things to you) and MGK’s sexy gruff raps and flow (“Nothing’s that bad if it feels good/ So you come back like I knew you would) just reciprocated in all the right places enough to make this single a wickedly smoldering hit!


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