“Yesterday’s Song” by Hunter Hayes

hunter-hayesGood country music cannot be rushed, so that leaves Hunter Hayes plenty of time to fine tune his comp of cuts into a solid follow-up to his last year’s EP, 21. Apparently, Hayes is always worth the wait dishing up pop-country slogs in spades that fittingly represent his generation if not his inner thoughts. His latest installment, “Yesterday’s Song” is now upsetting the countrypolitan whetting the fans’ appetite for the full-length from this 25-year old singer-songwriter.

“Yesterday’s Song” as a kiss-off arena anthem is a grown-up man’s perspective on a bad breakup that is a perfect antidote to ubiquitous “shout to my ex” that has been playing on repeat on my sister’s loud speakers. Hayes is right on the nose on moving on and changing the old tune decimating anything that gets in the way with lyrical attitude atop crunching guitar riffs and crash bash drums that entail while kicking off a boisterous blast: You used to be the rooftop at the top of my lungs/ Blowin’ the speakers in the back of my trunk/Yeah you had your chance then, yeah, but I’m movin’ on/And now you’re just yesterday’s song.

It’s definitely a turn by Hayes who used to charge his cool covers and original co-writes with lovelorn laments. “Yesterday’s Song” is a breath of fresh air, if not a fresh vibe that Hayes could play for the long haul and still got the boys at his back chanting the jubilant ditties na-na-na! Good call, Hayes! Also available: “Young Blood” and “Amen”.


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