“Thief” by Ansel Elgort


Transitioning is never an easy task for some singer-actors, but Divergent star Ansel Elgort does it so effortlessly with his strings of musical success since debuting with “Home Alone” and keeping his alter-ego as DJ Ansolo in check.

In his latest outing, “Thief”, Elgort gleans inspiration from fictional character Patrick Bateman of American Psycho and channels it into a cerebrally hooky and bass-filled proceedings that veer outside your usual dance-pop.

While his musical trope in “Thief” heavily borrows from the King of Pop’s early works, Elgort fashions his own earthy texture with hyperactive electronic music coupled with his reliable vocal chops honed from singing in musicals. Enlisting his sexy muse Violetta Komyshan as onscreen partner as he navigates the landscape of lovemaking, Elgort steals your heart with his slick moves and icy looks that cement his rep in the template of young talents who can impeccably fuse elements of musical genius and visual fest. Just let your guard down.


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