“Paris” by The Chainsmokers

workshop-1One half of The Chainsmokers Andrew Taggart does heavy lifting again with the release of the electronic music video for the duo’s first single of the year “Paris” from their upcoming “Memories: Do Not Open” full-length concept album.

“Paris” is an architecture of another surprising hit that fluidly scales up the duo’s chilled-out keyboard formula from chart-busters “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down” while
retaining their commendable bid to ditch a hardcore sonic drop in favor of a more contemplative element with thematic depth.

Singer-songwriter Emily Warren of Capsize-fame also lent her back-up vocals in the proceedings matching up against Drew’s “un-shitty” baritone bray that keeps raising your expectations.

Its latest gravity-defying official music video features Victoria Secret sexy siren Martha Hunt replacing IG beach babe Alexis Ren in a cathartically propulsive emotional limbo visually directed by Mister Whitmore.


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