“Sooner or Later” by Aaron Carter

aaron-carter-press-2015-billboard-650Aaron Carter is in it for the long haul judging from the promotional efforts he has put through to crank up his comeback EP LØVË. His carrier single “Fool’s Gold” has
reached over 1M views on YouTube, and he continually expends an amalgam of fist-pumping bpms and rapid-fire atop eccentrically woozy electro-glitched track enough to rouse your curiosity of what calls his “massive music reinvention”.

His latest outing, “Sooner or Later” ups the frequencies with audacious unbridled sonics that were fired up with unmissable EDM elements in the foreground. As Carter explores spacier realms way past his “Candy” days with sexy lyrics like, “I need your body on me like lotion Cause a commotion, Worship your body, call that devotion”, he has definitely upped the ante in the name of personal growth and hard-won maturity. Welcome back, Aaron!


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