“Everyday” by Ariana Grande feat. Future

ariana-grande-future-everyday-christal_rockNo one can resist a dangerous woman especially when she becomes an aphrodisiac that lets everyone get it on. With her immaculate breathy quaver and luscious falsetto, pop
tart Ariana Grande spews seemingly innocuous innuendos in her latest banger “Everyday” off from her “Dangerous Woman” album.

While aptly providing a good measure of flirtatious refrain  in striking style of simply being indulgent to her man, Ariana leaves the solid substance to collaborator rapper
extraordinaire Future who gruff barks lines like: “You done fell in love with a bad guy/I don’t compromise my passion/ You know what you do for me, I’m doing the same for you”.

Future has been tossing massive releases one after the other and drawing Ari into the left-field and back just gives us the best of both worlds we thought would never be
possible. The expletive-laced track has Ari’s signature bump and Future’s grit that might just be a sexy breather from the all in a day’s work. It’s a collab no one was asking for but we’re glad this happened.


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