“How Would You Feel” by Ed Sheeran

cropped-how-would-you-know.jpgSuffolk troubadude Ed Sheeran has been glossing over music review sites, commanding every chart as humanly as possible, and making every critic rave over his “Divide” album. With intense delivery, sandy pipes and eclectic creations, there’s no doubt that the album is a calculating record-breaker and Sheeran’s most mature excursion to date scaling up his own musical bar on a whole new level.

His new paean “How Would You Feel” trails back a nostalgic and romantic slate with chorus: “How would you feel If I told you I loved you/ It’s just something that I want to do/ I’m taking my time, spending my life/Falling deeper in love with you / So tell me that you love me too” that sounds bigger than “Thinking Out Loud”. Its piano arpeggio and string-sweetened ballad ooze with searing power and Englishman’s finesse clearly showing he is the real deal whether on a live outing or off the studio floor.

“How Would You Feel” runs in the same vein with Van Morrison’s “Have I Told You Lately” but Ed’s crisp construct broadened by poise and pacing is a fine restart from his left-field chart-topper “Shape of You” and most sprawling celebration of love.


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