“It Ain’t Me” by Kygo and Selena Gomez

it-aint-mekygo-x-selena-gomezFirst she came out, then she went away. Then she came back packing a punch in Kygo-driven banger “It Ain’t Me” that sent her fans to her propulsive chorus opener “Who’s gonna walk you/Through the dark side of the morning?”

Selena Gomez continues her strings of empowering moving-on-from-breakup bon mots from “The Heart Wants What It Wants and “Same Old Love”. But “It Ain’t Me” is quite a different musical realm for the “Revival” singer after Norwegian DJ superstar Kygo put a spin to her label-mandated pop and turned into a cross of organic dance theme and staccato electro-glitchscape with dark undertone yet radio-friendly elements everyone can relate to.

Kygo who is on the top of his game after the success of “Cloud Nine” and much-acclaimed on-point collaborations with Ella Henderson and Maty Noyes stops at nothing to scale up his excursions with stellar artists like Gomez breathing life to this club-ready construct whose layered arrangement and full-size production are definitely complex.

“It Ain’t Me” features actor Vin Diesel providing background vocals. Now that’s what we call star-studded.


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