“At My Best” by Machine Gun Kelly feat. Hailee Steinfeld


Machine Gun Kelly just fired up another winner with a collab with “Starving” pop singer Hailee Steinfeld in “At My Best”. The Cleveland rapper has already blown up the hit chart with his dangerous liaison with Fifth Harmony alum, Camila Cabello, in “Bad Things” and with Little Mix for “No More Sad Songs”.

Another match-up with a pop star as big as Steinfeld may just prove that MGK is reinventing himself into navigating the pop-rap landscape. With this cerebral single, MGK surprisingly spits out prudent and gritty verses with brooding maturity on dealing with life’s problems: “I wrote this song as a message for help / On behalf of anybody finding their self / I wrote this letter to numb your pain / ‘Cause every day I wake up I’m feeling the same.” MGK who is famed for big bam boom approach laced with expletives in his menu in the past settles for subtlety and warmth with his sermon: “Life is about making mistakes / It’s also about trying to be great / Do not let failure scare you away / I know you fed up, you fall, get up.” Whoa! Where did that come from?!

Steinfeld matches MGK’s dynamics by outdoing herself in her emotionally rich delivery of the powerhouse hook compelling any listener for an immediate follow-up to this already superlative proceeding to date. Guess, it’s safe to say  Steinfeld has brought out the best in this “young man”.


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