“Green Light” by Lorde


lorde-009The lights are up for Royals singer’s comeback with a surprising amalgam of off-kilter electronics, sinister piano-filled ambience, and boisterous made-for-dancehall track designed to rouse her angst-ridden alter-ego. The track in question, “Green Light”, is a pivotal vehicle for Lorde following her “Pure Heroine” debut in 2013.

In this carrier single from her sophomore offering, “Melodrama”, Lorde purrs about heartbreak that is marred with bruised and brooding intensity building up from a mysteriously cathartic lyrics in the intro (“I know what you did and I want to scream the truth”) to a 90s-infused  sonic excursion combo of alt-rock and pop hissed in her raspy and gritty pipes solidifying once again her mettle as a singer-songwriter who can ferociously shift her beats from a slow-burner into the fast-lane euphoria. It’s glaring enough to get you blinded. Welcome back!


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