“The One” by The Chainsmokers


Listeners have sung all praises for The Chainsmokers after their streak of success and chart-topping constructs made them a household name in EDM-flecked proceedings. Their umpteen fat-free collaboration efforts have paid off very well that they have become a yardstick for trends in low- impact electro-music being put out in the music market.

Their recent game-changing collab with pop band heavyweight Coldplay in “Something Just Like This” was well received and kept all fans agog for the next one.

While we lie in wait for their first full-length album “Memories…Do Not Open” on April 7, we are treated with their first electro-ballad “The One” which we think is a surprising yet introspective look at their newfound fame that has made Alex Taggart sing against glum piano arpeggios: “You know, I’m sorry, I won’t make it to your party / Got caught up in my own selfishness, it won’t let me be a part of this” and eschewed the hyperactivity of EDM clang.

Co-written with Grammy plum “Don’t Let Me Down” composer Emily Warren and Scott Harris, “The One” is evocative with seemingly diaristic dispatches than lyrics aptly translated the duo’s narrative of insights in life and relationships. If it was a foretaste of their more mature approach in their debut album, the tunesmith duo Alex and Drew have just made a big bam boom.


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