“Put the Cuffs on Me” by The Tide

The four-piece band has just taken the Manila millennials by storm during the first week of April with their live concert and still shows no signs of slowing down as they prepare for another headlining tour about UK to promote their new single “Put the Cuffs on Me”.

The Tide is lately turning heads with their eclectic set that started out with “What You Give” and followed by the rabble-rouser “Young Love” and slow jam “Click My Fingers”.

“Put the Cuffs on Me” takes a different spin with aggressively lurching vibe opening with slow burner: “I’m in trouble, take me to the station/ Put the cuffs on me” or onto the darkly demented narrative: “I can’t go up without a halo/ I’m stuck down here doing the double/ I’m blaming my liver on the bottle /The pressure’s weighing like an anchor”.

The Tide eschews ingredients of teenage pop-rock hit for a more mature proceedings with this arresting single highlighting former X-Factor contestant and the band’s lead vocalist Austin Corini’s powerhouse vocals atop the unfussy garage-pop fare of a live entity putting the “boyband” label behind bars…completely.

The other members of The Tide are Nate Parker (drums), Drew Dirksen (guitar and vocals) and Levi Jones (bass and vocals).


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