“There’s Only One of You” by Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes never sticks to the tried and tested formula when it comes to his music. With the release of his full-length album “Unfinished Business” gaining some traction, Sykes is poised to explore spacier musical realms past his Wanted days.

Being soulful is one way to keep his lyrical fixation anchored on love, heartbreaks, and relationships. While he can swing to the retro-pop ditties from 70’s playbooks (“Twist” and “Kiss Me Quick”) or veer outside the usual well-worn course of love (“Famous” and “Give It Up”), it is when his music is stripped off from majestic instrumentations can Sykes be appreciated at his best.

We find his live acoustic rendition of “There’s Only One of You” one of the few cuts where Sykes lives in his head favoring more subtle and mature approach to his music in its rawest form radiating an unflinching plethora of emotional outburst that belies his age and experience. Of course, his template of vocal dynamics still holds its own against the blend of expertly plucked guitar. “There’s Only One of You” is co-written by Tim Woodcock.








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