“Attention” by Charlie Puth


The pop world is all ears to Charlie Puth’s newest single, “Attention” after the success of his debut full length “Nine Track Mind” churning out chart favorites like “See You Again”, “Marvin Gaye”, and “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. The 25-year old singer continues his evolution moving beyond the charcuterie of cheesy offerings into a surprisingly disco-infused proceedings built around supple funk groove and pop elements that will tell you, oh boy, Puth is still a long way from running out of steam.

It seemed that the Atlantic artist is making up for the cancelled “Don’t Talk” tours due to health reasons and is reported to test road the new single in Shawn Mendes’s Illuminate World Tour in July.

“Attention” packs a punch with forthright lyrics: “You just want attention / you don’t want my heart /Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new” striking to its listeners a more mature pose for Puth’s edgier production which he personally handled. Co-written by J Kash, “Attention” was released to promote Puth’s art exhibit consisting of LED infinity tunnel that mimics the brain’s reaction to attention.


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