“Bon Appétit” by Katy Perry feat. Migos

katy-migos-courtesy-capitolNo, this isn’t comfort food but feel free to partake. Filled with sexual innuendos and double entendre, Katy Perry’s follow-up to Chained to the Rhythm is nothing short of a raunchy flesh-fest dish gurgling into a pop dancehall fare she is no stranger to.

“Bon Appétit” fires out over-the-top allusions in the same earthy vein of “Peacock” or “California Gurls” but upping the ante with line-crossing verses such as “You could use some sugar / ‘Cause your levels ain’t right” or simply whoa-worthy “spread like a buffet” or “eat with your hands, fine” that obviously blur the line between being culinary and carnal. The track also features trio Migos whose stark rap foils the hookier and more accessible flow with the EDM and pop fusion made even tastier. Well, what can we say it’s Katy Perry on a four-course meal. Better bring your appetite.


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