“First Time” by Kygo and Ellie Goulding

ellie-goulding-kygoBy the numbers? I doubt it. Prolific Norwegian DJ and producer Kygo continues his artistic excursion with his comp of cuts of trop-house music built around a concept piece of synths, sounds, and textures cementing a nostalgic slate of moody anthems since he kickstarted the year with a Selena Gomez-assisted “It Ain’t Me”.

Gunning to replicate the feat that “It Ain’t Me” has attained in chart dominations, another A-lister was asked to breathe life to an epic collaboration aptly titled “First Time”. Well, British diva Ellie Goulding is a perfect fit after she has stepped away from EDM soundscapes for a while doing “Delirium” and belting her heart out in the name of Bridget Jones for “Still Falling for You”.

“First Time” cranks the wayward machine of young love shaking loose your memory on “getting drunk on a train track, way back when we tried our first cigarettes”. It’s no big-room banger and short of concussive drops that you would expect. But, surely the vocal foils of Goulding has given us the urgent feel to the track–one that sends us back time to immerse in the giddy sense of youthfulness with convivial “whoa-ohh” against the atmospheric descent down the glitchy memory lane.


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