“She’s With Me” by High Valley

High-Valley-press-2016-billboard-650-1548The easy and positive vibe continues with High Valley staying in their comfort zone casually grafting impeccable country sound, rockabilly-tinged pop and soothing Americana.

The Canadian duo brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel are poised to dominate every country chart as humanly as possible with their major-label release of “Dear Life”, their first full-length under Warner Music Nashville which contains eleven slices of original constructs including the all-time favorite “Make You Mine” and its most recent single, “She’s With Me”.

“She’s With Me” is equally grounded with confessional lyrics such as “Ain’t she amazing, amazing, out of my league? / And ain’t it crazy, crazy, she happened to me? / She calls me baby, baby, hard to believe / That she’s, yeah she’s with me” all combining the positively giddy sound, stance, and style telling us that they’re just getting warmed up.

Though the single first appeared in HV’s album “County Line”, this version will treat new listeners to a Southern-fried signature sound of tandem vocals and sweetly-stacked harmonies.


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