“There for You” by Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan

martin-garrix-troye-sivan-headerThere’s aplenty. Glitchy stark trap beats and artsy touches by Dutch DJ producer Martin Garrix who has never run out of steam with his archetypal electronics ingenuity after umpteen collaborations with top artists like Bebe Rexha and Dua Lipa, let alone a rich trove of lush and slick electronics-mandated constructs under his belt since his claim to fame.

But he’s definitely out with a bang with the latest collaboration with Australian singer Troye Sivan with “There for You” highlighting the YouTube sensation’s baritone bray in melancholic ruminations like “somewhere I lost a piece of me, smoking cigarettes on balconies … Last year took a toll on me/ But I made with you next to me.”

Sivan and Garrix made a formidable duo with a contrasting storyline of loneliness and exhilaration of touring musicians who have led a parallel life set against a backdrop of archival concert footage and crowd-free alienating ambience.

Sivan who is a poster boy for young members of LGBTQ still colors the video with his quintessential touch of smouldering lyrical takes on love and friendship soaked in Garrix’s hardly-simple production and signature cartoonish drops.


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