Zayn Returns to Pop Form in Dusk Till Dawn

08b504d206aedef793bc5aad4109b6de.1000x1000x1British singer Zayn continues his streak of musical success by adding familiar layers of pop power ballad in a hit collab with Australian singer Sia in “Dusk Till Dawn“.

DTD woos us with a template of quiet-loud dynamics that explodes into a skybound ecclesiastical chorus that is found mostly in Sia’s tried-and-tested rock stadium formula (Cheap Thrills, The Greatest). The powerhouse combo of these two hitmakers recently received mixed reviews from critics saying that Zayn is faltering from a persona he has well created since “Pillowtalk” and “Still Got Time” and succumbing himself to Sia’s dominating gusty-pop landscape. But The Guardian begged to differ labeling the track as “a towering piece of a perfect pop”.

However you perceived this track, it stands to reason that the execution of both artists has elevated beyond the platform of pop-production factory. Sia’s raw rasp providing the potent high registers while Zayn’s mellifluous tones handling the low end easily makes the tension-fueled banger difficult to sing along.

Zayn’s hardcore fans will not be completely disappointed with this track that comes with an action-packed music video paying homage to the dramatic visuals in early 90’s. American actress Jemima Kirke provided as an eye candy to complement Zayn’s sly bad-boy character in the storyline that glorifies outlaws.


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