Alex Angelo Proves He’s No One-Trick Pony

photoAt a glance, this rail-thin pretty boy with looks and moves that make the young girls swoon may just be the latest vapid teen pop idol to hit your screen.

But look closer, internet sensation Alex Angelo isn’t just a one-trick pony who just hitch-hikes on the latest vibes. His latest single “Run It Back” may prove that he can cut loose and still fly right with his smoothly seductive voice set atop infectious Spanglish dance-pop grooves assisted by Puerto Rican singer Alexis Adrian.

“Run It Back” is Caribbean-tinged track that veers outside Angelo’s usual comp of cuts to favor a more loose-limbed organic sound with dusty textures of electronic music and lyrical playfulness. If he continues to make the right collaborations like this one, this 17-year old singer would go a long way. For my money, he’s a real deal. Right, #FANGELOS?


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