“Havana” Defines Camila Cabello’s Solo Prospect

camila_cabello_lj_040817After leaving Fifth Harmony, Cuban-born American sweetheart Camila Cabello is set to find her own voice with the upcoming release of her solo album, ” The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving”.

Though the diminutive diva has set forth her own sails by sampling, experimenting, and layering passages into soundscapes that leave traces of her roots like the collaborative bangers “Hey Ma”, “Bad Things”, and the album’s carrier single, “Crying in the Club”, she still surprises us with her bag of tricks with the stop-gap release of summer double feature “OMG” and “Havana”.

The latter forays as a summer vibe that mixes simmering reggaeton and Latin-pop flavor infectious enough to keep people on a mid-tempo sweat and swagger.

“Havana” is primal Cabello with horn-punched fodder filled with longing for a lover she left behind (Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh-na-na). Adding a crooning Hispanic tilt to the equation, Cabello is pretty covering a familiar topical and tropical ground in striking style that waxes a nostalgic trip.


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