Clean Bandit’s “I Miss You” is a Sonic Slice of a Heartbreaker

i-miss-you-julia-clean-bandit-videoWith hit collaborations on their heels like “Rockabye” featuring Sean Paul and Anne-Marie and “Symphony” with Zara Larsson, a sophomore album from the Grammy award winning British electronic group Clean Bandit ” seemed to be the only one missing.

But their winning streak continues and reassures us that the well is far from dry with their latest emotionally-packed slice, “I Miss You”, featuring singer-songwriter Julia Michaels of “Issues” fame.

“I Miss You” still follows Clean Bandit’s sonically ambitious arrangement building a ghostly atmospheric creation and flourishes with flawlessly intricate and classically-inspired multi-layered formula that channels the “unbelievable pain of a break-up” as cautioned by Clean Bandit in a Billboard interview.

Michaels’ addition to the template gives the pattern of complexity that gives understated verses like more sense of hybrid of intricacy, intensity, and urgency. (“I know you didn’t call your parents and tell ’em that we ended, ’cause you know that they’d be offended”). “I Miss You” is a Clean Bandit comp the will whet the appetite of their solid fans and their intimate affair with the topical lyrics and template prevents it from sounding too samey with their strings of hits. This should be enough to spark the physical release of a second album.


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