Luis Fonzi and Demi Lovato’s collab “Échame La Culpa” is Muy Caliente!

Luis-Fonsi-Demi-Lovato-630x433It may not be “Despacito 2.0” yet, but it’s a step in the right direction. And slightly more inspired and intriguing in all aspects giving Luis Fonzi another potent ribald hit. The record in question, “Échame La Culpa”, is Fonzi’s latest offering after he won big in the Latin Grammy. With sultry pop diva Demi Lovato in tow, this club banger just got muy caliente in the strictest sense.

The “Sorry Not Sorry” songstress is gently pumping heartbeat and turning up the heat in her sexy purple corset flaunting her curves while articulating in sexy Spanish twang how the relationship has gone wrong. Literally translated as “Put the Blame on Me”, the single has slinky grooves and sleek reggaeton inspiration that is currently polluting the Latin atmosphere.

Fonzi is still generic in his comfort zone, yet we can’t still get enough of him. But Demi is definitely making a crossover with such versatility making this seductive construct her coquettish affair with the current vibe hitting the spot between tropical beat and romantic complexity easily making her a perfect match.


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