“No Limit” Marinates in Outlandish Verses and Visuals

g-eazy-asap-rocky-cardi-b-no-limit-00G-Eazy is vexing his fans with boozy rap creations with slogs that unflinchingly cope with his newfound fame and fortune in stylistically rich bangers in his new album, “The Beautiful and Damned”. Though this still sounds like a 2.0 version of his 2015 album “When It’s Dark Out”, Gerald has successfully put himself head and shoulders above the pack with hybird of intricacy in lyrics and heaviosity of scathing lyrical dispatches.

G-Eazy unapologetically gets the attention he deserves no matter how he cautions us with a self-deprecating undertone that “being famous isn’t all it seems” sounds like BS. With hits like “Get a Bag” with Jadakiss, “Him & I” with Halsey, and “Nothing Wrong”, this Oakland rapper still mines the rich and earthy vein we can expect from him.

Case in point is his latest collaboration with Harlem’s A$AP Rocky and newcomer bombshell Cardi B in “No Limit”. He ups the ante and the pedigrees with scathing lines of grittily bashing beats from Boi-1da and Allen Ritter and his rapid-fire exchanges of A$AP Rocky and Cardi B were enough to match his bark with a great bite.

Laced with expletives and references spat on Master P and fellow Oakland rapper Kamaiyah, “No Limit” marinates in outlandish verses and visuals that solidify his name as top-tier rap demi-god that we have around.


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