Justin Timberlake Brings Sexy Back with “Filthy”

mki1xwvsfxyazoezoq8tHe’s bringing sexy back…and it keeps his fans anticipating how sexier his fifth album ‘Man of the Woods” (due for release on Feb 2) is gonna get.

With the recent release of “Filthy”, Justin Timberlake doesn’t need to flex his muscles to upgrade his tune to a funky blithe of Prince-inspired dance-pop with meandering darkly grooves in shimmering synthesizers and multi-layered techno-soundscapes while spitting out vapid lyrics such as: “Look, put your filthy hands all over me/And no, this ain’t the clean version”.

Of course, his flawless slides into creamy falsetto still gives a giddy pop sensation: “what you gonna do with all that meat?”

JT never loses his stylistic reins for speed, muscle, and punch in his genre enlisting old chums Timbaland and Danja to co-produce the track from what he tags a “personal album” he’s ever written. Teasing us with “Filthy” seems a prank, considering JT’s penchant for suprises but the Steve Jobs-undertone-music video is just fun to watch like picking up where his Future Sex/Love Sounds left off. Judging from the list of future tracks due for release, old salts like JT has still new tricks to whet our appetite. You can’t just stop the feeling.


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