Punk Gets More Real with Bronnie

exclusive-interview-bronnie-talks-about-releasing-pop-goes-punk-cover-of-little-mixs-shout-out-to-my-ex-01Punk just got more real. Thanks to the 20-year old British singer-songwriter mononymously known as Bronnie who channels teens’ struggles with authenticity and identity into four slices of hookiest and mosh-pit worthy garage-punk rambunctions all shoehorned into an EP called “Get a Grip”.

“Get a Grip” is Bronnie’s follow-up to equally audacious “Social Rejex” in 2017, but the former cranks out a hybrid of electro-rock that is loud and opinionated.

Among the tracks, we find “Danced with the Devil” the strongest track simply because it features Bronnie’s snarky and serious lyrical fixation about coping with isolation fused into emotional heaviosity which begins to sound more like confessional than just a punk abrasion of youth misspent.

“Danced with the Devil” was released as a charity single for Buddy Project, a civic group that promotes mental health which makes the single hitting a little close to home for young people at-risk.

Bronnie has made a helluva impression after doing a front act for Little Mix’s Glory Days stadium tours in UK. She has also co-headlined rising bands like Offshore and The Tide. Her “Get a Grip” EP is now available.


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