Avril Lavigne is checking back to explore spacier musical realms on her latest album

pjimage-2-1Punk rock queen Avril Lavigne is finally checking back and boldly going on exploring spacier musical realms on her latest album after five years in hiatus keeping her lyrical focus anchored on personal growth and struggle. Her new album “Head Above Water” has enriched her proceedings with creations that have eschewed her rock chick persona from “Complicated” days. Lavigne’s songwriting has upped her ante into a more mature level singing about ruminations on heartaches and moving on atop a sinister ambiance and anthemic choruses resulting to equal parts unforced and unrestrained.

The Canadian artist has given us a preview of how the album would sound like which is due for release on February 15, 2019. Its carrier single, “Head Above Water” has ushered in a soulfully molasses-slow piano pop that is woozy and emotionally charged.

“Tell Me It’s Over” seconded the motion with psychedelic soul that reminisces a 70’s sound yet rightfully strikes the heartstrings of those who have gone the same ordeal as Lavigne post-punk. Here she showcases her fittingly warm pipes coupled with intense delivery and versatility to pivot from punk to soul with ease. At 33, Lavigne is a strong woman. Though people would question her relevance after cranking the comeback machine 16 years later, but this long-awaited return will be embraced despite her decision to strip down her music and go left-field. The message still resonates until now: a woman struggling to get back on her feet retelling her own tale of love, pain, and connection. Welcome back.


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