Alec Benjamin is poised to create the buzz and crackle

It has been nearly a couple of years since Alec Benjamin released his first hit, ‘Water Fountain’. And while he tries to make up for the lost time on his latest much-anticipated mixtape “Narrated For You” which includes heavy hitters that have been impeccably refurbished, remastered, and unearthed, he is poised to create the buzz and crackle with slices of musical narratives that defy your expectations.

Benjamin moves beyond his indie-pop beginnings with cryptically titled songs built around soft textures and sharp hooks against a vibrantly colored musical canvas. Benjamin commands attention with his rapidfire lyrical takes wrapped around his mellifluence relinquished in his signature hit, “Let Me Down Slowly” but knows no deeper rest as he continues the introspective to explore depths of his inner teen venting off emotions atop stylistically guitar work leavening the complex with satisfying results.

“Narrated for You” is truly emotional journey, if a short one. It includes shape-shifting number that builds from ambient tunes to swelling chords and unobtrusive bass drops that are pleasing to your ears.


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