Mikey Wax declares love voiced in his breathy flutter in pop simplicity

Mikey-Wax-pressEvery traveller must come home eventually. After penning a slew of anthemic hits featured in “So You Think You Can Dance’, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, and “Dance Moms”, among others, singer-songwriter Mikey Wax is back to to his usual brand of tender and love-decorated proceedings flowing effortlessly to profess his love and fidelity for his better half, Lauren.

In his latest single, “Big Little Life”, there was no fanfare or herky-jerky upstrokes or a punchy propulsion like “You Lift Me Up” or the woozy ambiance of “Bottle of Jack”, but only a simple declaration of love voiced in his breathy flutter in guitar-flecked no-frills pop simplicity.

Wax may be buying time in “Big Little Life” after he embarks on the most challenging chapter in his life as a family man. But surely a traveller whose heart continues to create great music, Wax makes it clear that he is not going to dump the soil from his shoes yet.


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