James Arthur’s New Single is a Creative and Personal Rebirth

Those who were hoping that 31-year old British singer-song writer James Arthur would return to his own narrative might find themselves rewarded with his new song, “Falling Like the Stars”. Looks like James has been spending ample time to channel his life’s perspective right down to the starkly simplicity of his new single with his uncanny ability to unite a literate lyric with a gorgeously pretty melody that is beautiful as ever.

James Arthur’s follow-up single returns to his home.

Following the glum heels of “Say You Won’t Let Go” in 2016 and the recent release of electro-kissed club ditty “Nobody” with Martin Jensen and his contribution to GOT via an original construct “From The Grave”, James is striking a pensive pose of starting a family of his own, adding emotional oxygen to his layers of velvety voice as he lyrically gasps for the chorus: “And I’m not scared to say those words. With you I’m safe. We’re falling like the stars, we’re falling in love.”

James has been musically arresting with his string of successful songs punching right to the heart. But “Falling Like the Stars” made him return to his prolific pace with his undeniable cracks still in place to show an impenetrable depths of an artist.


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